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The Business of Writing

Simple copywriting tips for  business owners

“Those were the best rules I ever learned for the business of writing.  I’ve never forgotten them.”

Words of wisdom from an A-level copywriter?  Not quite.

Master storyteller Ernest Hemingway learned the business of writing as a cub reporter for the Kansas City Star in 1917, long before he penned “The Old Man and the Sea”, “The Sun Also Rises”, “Farewell to Arms” and others.

Hemingway learned these 5 rules at the Star:

  1. Write in short sentences and short paragraphs
  2. Use active verbs and vigorous English
  3. Write authentically (your “natural” voice)
  4. Write with compression and clarity
  5. Write with a sense of immediacy

Sounds like Hemingway could have been a copywriter if the novel writing didn’t work out.  Use these 5 simple rules to make your copy stronger.


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