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The Business of Writing

Simple copywriting tips for  business owners

“Those were the best rules I ever learned for the business of writing.  I’ve never forgotten them.”

Words of wisdom from an A-level copywriter?  Not quite.

Master storyteller Ernest Hemingway learned the business of writing as a cub reporter for the Kansas City Star in 1917, long before he penned “The Old Man and the Sea”, “The Sun Also Rises”, “Farewell to Arms” and others.

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Back and neck pain relief for desk people

Too much computer time giving you neck or back pain? Try this …

Today I’m straying from my normal topics of marketing and copywriting to help your business increase sales, and letting you in on a different tip.

If you’ve ever experienced back pain or neck pain…

Don’t wait to take care of it like I did! I had pain for months, but an unrelated rotator cuff injury (that also caused severe neck and back pain) put me flat on my back for two weeks. It prompted me to finally  do something about it.

Chiropractic advice from Dr. Tim

I sought advice and treatment from my chiropractor (a shout-out to Dr. Tim McRoberts in Verona, Wisconsin!) , a physical therapist, and numerous books and online articles. I netted four simple ideas that you can put into action tomorrow to make your work area more back- and neck-friendly (plus one “out-there” idea you may want to look into):

  1. Keep your monitor at eye level. Sounds logical, but like a lot of people, I kept it too low, which caused a forward neck and head posture, resulting in neck pain.
  2. Don’t reach for your mouse. If it’s too far forward, you’ll have to reach to get it, pushing your body into a forward slump. Same with your keyboard. And consider switching hands that you use for your mouse (you’ll get used to it within a few days.)
  3. Find a good ergonomic chair that really supports your back, and preferably one with armrests. The Herman Miller Aeron chair is considered the “gold standard”, but there are many just as good for a lot less money.
  4. Consider standing. After two weeks on my back, I was finally able to get back to writing at my desk, but I couldn’t sit because of my back pain. I developed a makeshift standing desk set-up by propping up my keyboard, monitor and mouse by about 14 inches. I later found a New York Times article from April 22 that claims another possible benefit from standing is an urge to get more work done. I’m not sure about that, but I do know my back and neck feel much better after a day of alternately sitting and standing at my desk.

The best back solution I’ve found

Finally, my # 1 “secret weapon” for back and neck pain is a strange one – hanging upside down (seriously.) It’s called “inversion therapy”, and it involves hanging upside down on an inversion table (Google “inversion therapy” and you’ll get the full scoop.)

The potential benefits? It’s said to reverse pressure on your spine caused by gravity and muscle imbalances, improve circulation, lengthen muscles and ligaments, relieve joints, and improve posture.

I’m hooked on it, but do your own research and if you’re not in basic good health, check with your doctor first. 

Just incorporating the few basic work station ideas above has made a big difference in my productivity, and I no longer suffer from neck and back pain. 





Dan Kennedy book

Marketing secrets

“Making Them Believe: How One of America’s Legendary Rogues Marketed ‘The Goat Testicles Solution’ and Made Millions”, Dan Kennedy’s recent book, explores the 21 lost secrets of one of the most amazing promoters of “cures” of the 20th century, Dr. John Brinkley.

Each chapter is like a marketing seminar in and of itself, and a quick read.

Brinkley’s story provides a blueprint for adventurous marketing and personal promotion, and is as applicable today as it was during the Great Depression.

Highly recommended for any business owner or marketing professional!

Available at: http://www.amazon.com/Making-Them-Believe-Legendary-Testicles/dp/0982379382/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1296162825&sr=1-1



Why Dan Kennedy loves copywriting

Dan Kennedy on copywriting

When Katie Yeakle of AWAI asked Dan Kennedy what he loved most about being a copywriter and enjoying The Writer’s Life, he said:

“Turning words on paper into money is endlessly fascinating.”

He added, “Personally, I like the variety: I write copy for clients in several different fields, I write copy for my own publishing businesses, I write newsletters and articles, and I write books.  Close rival to best: the autonomy.  I work where, when, how, and with whom I want.  I live the 5-minute commute.  I have enjoyed and enjoy a great deal of financial success, have built a stable of good clients, and have literally grown rich by writing.”

I first saw Dan Kennedy speak in 1995 in Milwaukee, on a panel with General Norman Schwarzkopf, Zig Ziglar, Barbara Bush, Mary Lou Retton and a few others.

That day set the wheels in motion for what was to eventually become my copywriting career. 

I had a chance to work with Dan on a project last year, bringing the experience full circle.

And I would concur with him:

“Turning words on paper into money is endlessly fascinating.”



Good advice from Da Vinci

Cure for writer’s block

(or business person’s block, or salesman’s block, or artist’s block…)

“The greatest geniuses sometimes accomplish more when they work less.”

— Leonardo Da Vinci, Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, scientist and writer, 1452-1519 

When writer’s block hits (or any creative block to your productivity), do what Leonardo did – take a break. 

It sounds counterintuitive, but sometimes working less actually helps you accomplish more. 

When Da Vinci was painting The Last Supper, he would spend some days working from dawn to dusk.  Then, without warning, he’d take a break for a day or two.  The duke who commissioned him was not amused, but Da Vinci convinced him that he often did his best work after a well-needed respite. 

Most of us can’t afford to take off for a couple days, but give yourself a short recess now and then. 

Go for a walk around the block, lay in the hammock out back and daydream, or read your favorite fishing magazine or romance novel for half an hour.  You might just find yourself coming back to your writing with fresh ideas.

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