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Copywriting magic: Turning words into money

The Writer’s Life

When Katie Yeakle of AWAI asked Dan Kennedy what he loved most about being a copywriter and enjoying The Writer’s Life, he said:

“Turning words on paper into money is endlessly fascinating.”

He added, “Personally, I like the variety: I write copy for clients in several different fields, I write copy for my own publishing businesses, I write newsletters and articles, and I write books.  Close rival to best: the autonomy.  I work where, when, how, and with whom I want.  I live the 5-minute commute.  I have enjoyed and enjoy a great deal of financial success, have built a stable of good clients, and have literally grown rich by writing.”

I first saw Dan Kennedy speak in 1995 in Milwaukee, on a panel with General Norman Schwarzkopf, Zig Ziglar, Barbara Bush, Mary Lou Retton and a few others.

My copywriting start

That day set the wheels in motion for what was to eventually become my copywriting career.

I had a chance to work with Dan on a project last year, bringing the experience full circle.

And I would concur with him:

“Turning words on paper into money is endlessly fascinating.”



A 3-Step Formula for Implementing Marketing’s “New USP”

Applying marketing’s “new USP” to your online campaign

Okay, so in the last post I essentially tossed the USP in the trash.  I dismissed what has been a marketing staple for 60+ years – the Unique Selling Proposition.  In its place, I proffered the 21st century version of the USP to online marketers – the Unique Solution Proposition.

Rosser Reeves is rolling over in his grave as you read this.

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Nobody cares about your USP

Marketing’s “New USP”

We’ll get into the modern-day application in 63 seconds, but first…

Back in the 1940’s, Rosser Reeves of the Ted Bates and Company ad agency coined the term “USP”. (Quick aside…Reeves’ 1952 spot TV approach was adapted to get Dwight D. Eisenhower elected, and forever changed American political campaigns…but that’s a story for another day.)

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How to Generate Sizzlin’-Hot Ad Ideas

How to generate sizzlin’-hot ad ideas

I can’t shut my brain off.

Ever since I became a freelance copywriter, the mental spigot is constantly “on”.

I hear people talk about writer’s block, but I have the opposite problem.

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Improve your web copy and increase sales

Web copywriting: where’s the emotion?

Did anyone else out there forget Valentine’s Day yesterday? Not a good move!

It made me think about something else that’s being forgotten these days: emotional advertising.

There’s a lot of buzz these days about writing for the web.  Keywords and SEO are the big thing.  People express themselves in 140-character “tweets”.  Marketers are tapping into social media to reach their prospects and customers.

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