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Online Video Marketing, Rolling Luggage, and Big Ideas

Big ideas create big results

Have you ever heard the expression, “You don’t need to reinvent the wheel?”

Well, in Bob Plath’s case, he actually did reinvent the wheel.

Up until 1987, hauling big, heavy, clumsy luggage through an airport was a real drag. Baggage claim areas were crazy (even more than they are now) with people strapping bags together and trying to manage unwieldy suitcases.

“It seemed like chaos that could be cured,” says Plath, a former Northwest Airlines pilot.

He found a simple, brilliant solution: Insert two wheels into softside luggage, flip it from horizontal to vertical, add a pull-out handle, and voilà! The travel industry was revolutionized almost overnight with the Rollaboard®.

Initially Plath only sold them to fellow pilots and flight attendants, but by 1989 his company, Travelpro, was selling to everyone. Today it’s rare to see someone not using some kind of rolling luggage.

Embrace video marketing

What does rolling luggage have to do with you?

I believe we’re on the verge of another breakthrough idea, this time in marketing your business.

The key questions are always the same.

How do you attract more viewers to your website? What do you do you to engage them more? How do you convert more of them to buyers?

And how do you most easily convey your own Big Idea to your audience, and ultimately grow your business?

Right now, the answer is a simple four words: Online video sales letters.

As a web copywriting specialist, I keep up with the trends. I wrote a video script for a fitness marketer last year that increased their sales by 50%. I’ve studied the classic, “End of America” online video by Porter Stansberry, an absolute blockbuster ad.

Last week I sat in on a session with million-dollar copywriter Clayton Makepeace as he outlined the 17 points that every video sales letter needs to have. If Clayton is sold on something, so am I.

Online video marketing on a budget

I’m not talking about producing Hollywood-quality videos here. And they don’t need to be 77 minutes long like the “End of America” video.

A simple “talking video” will suffice. You just have to incorporate direct response elements to draw the viewer in, hold their interest, and get them to buy.

That’s what I do as a direct response copywriter.

Include things like a “Big Prediction” that tells the viewer about an exciting change or scary event that will change his life.

Infuse the video sales letter with credibility and emotion.

Dimensionalize your product’s practical and emotional benefits.

Provide testimonials and other proof.

Present an irresistible offer. Trivialize your price. Ask for the sale and close.

Outsource or do it yourself?

I can give you the other ten items you need to include (too much information for a short blog post.) But even if you know what all 17 elements are, do you have experience crafting online videos that get results?

If not, I can help.

Like rolling luggage did for the travel industry 25 years ago, I predict that online video sales letters will be a major breakthrough. They’ll help businesses best leverage their marketing and advertising dollars.

Let’s talk. Call me, Steve Roller, at 608-848-COPY (608-848-2679) or email Steve@WebContentCopywriting.com.

I’ll show you how I helped my fitness client grow with an online video sales letter, and how you can do the same, no matter what your industry.



  1. Hey Steve, that’s a really great post. I would like to know if copy writing for print is different from writing scripts for video. If its different, can you please write a brief post on how to write effective video scripts. Thanks.

    • John,

      There are a lot of similarities between writing for print and writing video scripts, but a few key differences as well. Too much information for a response here, so I will write a blog post about it soon. Thanks for the suggestion, and best wishes.

  2. Hi Steve,

    I am also doing a video sales letter and I’d like some more information on the 17 points as well…

    Maybe you could give me some advise?


    • Chris,

      Sorry your comment slipped through the cracks a few months ago. I almost always reply right away. I’ll be writing a blog post soon about video sales letters, watch for it.

      Best wishes in the meantime.

  3. great post Steve! I could use some help story boarding and writing the narration a promotional video i am working on … let me know if you are available to help.

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