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Copywriting for religion and politics? Really.

I also write web and print direct-response copy for two areas that mom always said to avoid in polite company and at the dinner table…

Religion and politics

Yes, I admit it.  I’m taking the risk of turning off half the population here (or 51%, depending on where you live), but let me explain. 

If you’re a Christian or conservative organization, and need to connect with your readers and get them to respond, I’m your guy. 

There aren’t many copywriters who do this at all, and fewer still who do it well.

Conversational and conservative

Planning a fundraising campaign?  Maybe jump-starting a political run, and need to get support fast?  Or perhaps you just need to get the vote out on a particular issue or candidate? 

I also help for-profit Christian and conservative businesses increase sales. 

I write clear, concise, conversational, conservative copy–that sells.  I have a passion for conservative causes, and it runs through my blood.  This isn’t something you can fake, and you shouldn’t trust your copy to just anyone.

Persuading hearts and minds

I understand the hearts and minds of Christians and conservatives.  I’ll connect with them on a deep, emotional level and move them to action

I’m a proud Christian conservative, and consider it a true privilege to write persuasive copy for organizations and individuals whose beliefs align with mine. 

Please call me toll-free at 1-888-207-4916 or local in the Madison area 608-848-2679 to discuss your needs. 


  1. I am also a proud Conservative Christian, and I am in the beginning stages of starting my copywriting business. As I have been trying to select a niche, my heart keeps leading me to my Conservative Christian values and beliefs, but I have wondered if I could make a living with that kind of potentially alienating niche. Have you found it to be a lucrative niche? I’d love to hear your input on the topic. Thanks so much!

    We’re just 35 days away from being heard!
    God bless America!

    • Kristi, thanks for your comments. I have not pursued writing for the Christian market, and I don’t actually know anyone who specializes in it (which may be part of the reason I didn’t go that route.) But I think it has serious potential. If you’re on Facebook connect with me there, I have a friendly group of aspiring copywriters called the Copywriter Cafe which you might find helpful. Feel free to contact me by phone as well if you’d like.

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