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Online Video Marketing, Rolling Luggage, and Big Ideas

Big ideas create big results

Have you ever heard the expression, “You don’t need to reinvent the wheel?”

Well, in Bob Plath’s case, he actually did reinvent the wheel.

Up until 1987, hauling big, heavy, clumsy luggage through an airport was a real drag. Baggage claim areas were crazy (even more than they are now) with people strapping bags together and trying to manage unwieldy suitcases.

“It seemed like chaos that could be cured,” says Plath, a former Northwest Airlines pilot.

He found a simple, brilliant solution: Insert two wheels into softside luggage, flip it from horizontal to vertical, add a pull-out handle, and voilà! The travel industry was revolutionized almost overnight with the Rollaboard®.

Initially Plath only sold them to fellow pilots and flight attendants, but by 1989 his company, Travelpro, was selling to everyone. Today it’s rare to see someone not using some kind of rolling luggage.

Embrace video marketing

What does rolling luggage have to do with you?

I believe we’re on the verge of another breakthrough idea, this time in marketing your business.

The key questions are always the same.

How do you attract more viewers to your website? What do you do you to engage them more? How do you convert more of them to buyers?

And how do you most easily convey your own Big Idea to your audience, and ultimately grow your business?

Right now, the answer is a simple four words: Online video sales letters.

As a web copywriting specialist, I keep up with the trends. I wrote a video script for a fitness marketer last year that increased their sales by 50%. I’ve studied the classic, “End of America” online video by Porter Stansberry, an absolute blockbuster ad.

Last week I sat in on a session with million-dollar copywriter Clayton Makepeace as he outlined the 17 points that every video sales letter needs to have. If Clayton is sold on something, so am I.

Online video marketing on a budget

I’m not talking about producing Hollywood-quality videos here. And they don’t need to be 77 minutes long like the “End of America” video.

A simple “talking video” will suffice. You just have to incorporate direct response elements to draw the viewer in, hold their interest, and get them to buy.

That’s what I do as a direct response copywriter.

Include things like a “Big Prediction” that tells the viewer about an exciting change or scary event that will change his life.

Infuse the video sales letter with credibility and emotion.

Dimensionalize your product’s practical and emotional benefits.

Provide testimonials and other proof.

Present an irresistible offer. Trivialize your price. Ask for the sale and close.

Outsource or do it yourself?

I can give you the other ten items you need to include (too much information for a short blog post.) But even if you know what all 17 elements are, do you have experience crafting online videos that get results?

If not, I can help.

Like rolling luggage did for the travel industry 25 years ago, I predict that online video sales letters will be a major breakthrough. They’ll help businesses best leverage their marketing and advertising dollars.

Let’s talk. Call me, Steve Roller, at 608-848-COPY (608-848-2679) or email Steve@WebContentCopywriting.com.

I’ll show you how I helped my fitness client grow with an online video sales letter, and how you can do the same, no matter what your industry.




Marketing lessons from the movie “Elf”

Increase business in 3 easy steps with New York-style boldness

Remember the scene in the movie Elf where Will Ferrell’s character goes into a New York City coffee shop that has a sign, “World’s Best Cup of Coffee”?

“You did it! Congratulations! World’s best cup of coffee. Great job, everybody. It’s great to meet you.”

Hyperbole doesn’t always translate to more sales, but there is something to be said for big and bold, isn’t there?

I saw this in action recently on a five-day trip to New York with my youngest daughter.

Billboards in Times Square compete for tourists’ attention. Broadway marquees and print ads boast endorsements from various media sources.

And some restaurants really do advertise bold claims just like the coffee shop that drew Will Ferrell in. In fact, the Carnegie Deli which was right across the street from our hotel proclaims, “Our famous sandwiches and cheesecakes are the best in NYC and the world.”

I don’t know about the world, but NYC maybe, and they have become quite famous as a result.

What does your billboard say?

You probably don’t actually have a billboard, but let’s say someone gave you one month’s use of a billboard smack dab in Times Square. Or locally if your business wouldn’t benefit from increased web traffic.

What would you say on it? What makes you unique? What do you do better than anyone else? Do your customers know this? Are you reaching your best prospects?

Copywriters do it better

Look, you can write your own ad copy, right? But sometimes you’re too close to your own product or service to do it well. Hire an expert. Find the best copywriter you can afford. That’s step one.

Craft a big, bold message

Tell your copywriter what you do better than anyone else. Let him or her come up with something brilliant that accurately describes that. Step two.

Get your message out there and tell your prospects what to do

Step three is to put it out there. Not on a billboard, but in an online video uploaded to YouTube, an email marketing campaign, or maybe a Facebook ad.

Online video is hot, and the right copywriter and marketing strategist can help you do this inexpensively.

Finally, don’t forget to tell your prospects what to do. Include a call to action.

My call to action?

Contact Steve Roller

New York-style boldness rubbed off on me, and I’ve been on a roll lately creating marketing messages for clients that get results.

Call me: 1-888-207-4916 or email me: Steve@WebContentCopywriting.com and we’ll schedule a brief, no-cost, no-obligation 15-minute phone consultation.




Are Your Marketing Messages Blending in or Standing Out?

Your marketing should be memorable

If you Google “New York City real estate broker” and read the first ten bios you find, they all pretty much sound the same.

“Top Producer,” “Top Broker,” “vast market knowledge,” “attention to detail,” and “expert negotiator” are all overused expressions on real estate websites.

Two top brokers at one of the best firms in the City came to me a few months ago to help them sound different.

After a few phone conversations, some back and forth revisions, and a lot of creative effort, I came up with a bio for each of them that stands out.

Why good copywriters are a good investment

Professionals in most businesses write their own website copy and often their own marketing materials. Do you?

The problem is, you’re probably too close to it to realize if it’s effective or not.

All it might take is a quick review and critique by a professional direct response copywriter. In other words, a copywriter whose job is to get your clients to take action, and get you better results.

You don’t necessarily need to hire an expensive ad agency.

These two guys are in Manhattan. If they wanted a top-notch agency to “re-brand” themselves, they could have easily found three dozen within a half-mile radius of their offices throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

But all they needed in this case was a wordsmith and web copywriter who could make them stand out and sound memorable. That’s what I did for them.

Could your marketing messages benefit from a “refresh”?

If you’ve been using the same copy for more than a year, chances are you could get better results by making some changes.

One of the services I offer is Copy Critiques along with web copy ideas, at a fraction of the cost of a full rewrite.

Even the legendary Dan Kennedy asked me to review his copy a couple years ago, and give him ideas. As he said, “Steve came through for me with solid research, sound insights and valuable input for a major copywriting project of mine, involving direct response advertising encompassing every medium: print, direct mail, Internet, and broadcast.”

Ready for a fresh message and increased sales?

Give me a call at 608-848-2679 or toll-free at 1-888-207-4916 and we can discuss your needs. If I can help, you’ll get more bang for your buck than with any other copywriter I know. If I can’t help you, I’ll tell you, and can probably refer someone who can.

Stand out. Be memorable. Bring in more prospects, and convert more of them to clients. Start today.





Selling Trumps Technology

Selling still drives profits

My client, a successful restaurateur, recently invited me to participate in a focus group. The purpose was to get some feedback on a new app he’s using, and brainstorm some ideas for making it more user-friendly and profitable.

I won’t go into the details of the app, because frankly, I didn’t understand it and still don’t. But I did get a lesson on today’s high-tech business-thinking, especially among players who don’t have much to do with creating profit.

The company that developed the app and sold it to my client seemed overly concerned with bells and whistles, and hadn’t begun to figure out what the customer was thinking.

The social media “guru” wanted to make sure it was tied in with Twitter and Facebook, but couldn’t really articulate exactly how to do that, or how we’d track return on investment.

The engineer (not on this project, but on other app development stuff) spoke Greek to all of us, and didn’t seem to care a lick about how much it was all going to cost.

The sales question no one asked

So after going around the table offering ideas and answering questions about the app, it finally came to me.

“How can we use this to make more money?” I asked. I couldn’t believe no one else had asked or even thought of that question.

See, you can have the coolest apps, be king of the hill with Facebook “Likes,” and implement the latest mobile marketing initiatives, but none of that matters unless one other thing is happening: You’re getting more people to spend more money on things that are profitable to your business.

Common sense, right?

Why direct response copywriters are needed more than ever

Maybe direct response copywriting and marketing isn’t as sexy as QR codes, mobile marketing, and smart phone advances, but it’s needed more than ever.

Effective persuasion in marketing messages seems to have gone out the window in favor of high-tech gobbledygook. If you’re selling the high-tech stuff, of course that’s what you’re going to focus on.

But as a business owner, next time someone pitches you on their latest cool thing that everyone’s starting to use, ask them, “Will my customers and prospects use it?” and “Will it make me more money?”

If you’re not entirely confident with their response, consider putting your resources elsewhere. I’m a little biased, of course, but I’d recommend …

The copywriter who increases profits

One of my clients said, “I know whatever I ask Steve to do will bring added revenue.” Another client said, “Our website traffic is up and began generating new client contact almost immediately. Steve’s results speak for themselves.”

I’ll let you in on a secret few copywriters will tell you either.

A copy critique may be all you need

You don’t necessarily need to spend thousands or tens of thousands on a whole new marketing campaign including new web copy, email marketing messages, and landing pages and pay-per-click ads. Sometimes a simple critique with a few tweaks here and there will do the job.

If you want to get past the high-tech mumbo jumbo and start making more sales, let’s talk.





Marketing creativity boosts profits

Chief wordsmith and “idea machine” increases your profits

You and I are in the business of generating big ideas. Our livelihood depends on a constantly flowing creative spigot.

The better your ideas, the more profits you bring in, right?

As Chief Wordsmith and Marketing Strategist for WebContentCopywriting.com, nothing fires me up more than helping a successful business become even more profitable.

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"Steve Roller came through for me with solid research, sound insights and valuable input for a major copywriting project of mine, involving direct-response advertising encompassing every medium: print, direct-mail, internet, and broadcast."

- Dan S. Kennedy, Consultant/Copywriter, Author, NO BS series - www.NoBSBooks.com

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